Web Wise Blactino Studios LGBTQ+ Adult Online Store

Web Wise Blactino Studios LGBTQ+ Adult Online Store

Web Wise Blactino Studios Online Store is like no other this is the MOST UNIQUE Gay/Lesbian/Bi/Trans with a slight flair of Str8 items...as we know there is NOTHING NU/NEW under the sun, but some items are sooo unique that they are very EXCLUSIVE to just one store, and that store is "US" 89.9% of the time with our very low everyday prices and the SHIPPING is always 100% FREE in the entire USA, Canada and Mexico ONLY.

Like most Gay Businesses we strive on being the very BEST, without making ourselves or our communities look bad, if we can help it. Now we have stepped one foot further we have what we call the BIG QUEER ADULT PACKAGE for the low price of $USD 3,850.00 (also, everything is Brand NU/NEW some Name Brands and/or Off-Brand Names, we @ Web Wise Blactino Studios Online Store do the choosing concerning both the HDTV and the Titles of the DVD's, not YOUR Taste, et al) such includes:


                      * 55" HDTV

                      * Blu-Ray or Regular DVD Player, if YOU are requesting a HDTV 4K Player YOU most add another $USD 105.00 to the above price, before any discounts are subtracted.

                      * 100 Adult Gay/Lesbian/Bi or Trans DVD's

                      * $USD 350.00 Gift Card or Gas Card, another $ USD 50.00 YOU get both cards


Now NU/NEW Customers who actually purchase from the Store will ONLY pay $USD 1,950.00 for the BIG QUEER ADULT PACKAGE, this DEAL is for again NU/NEW Customers ONLY, all other Customers may deduct up to $USD 395.00 from the BIG QUEER ADULT PACKAGE regular price, this DEAL NEVER EXPIRES. Always remember We are open 24/7/365 ONLINE ONLY - also we have well over 250,000 items in stock at ALL TIMES, but we only list between 100 to 10,000 on the Website at a time, but if YOU seen it 99.9% of the TIME we have it or can get it for YOU at a VERY LOW PRICE and SHIPPING IS ALWAYS FREE, as mentioned above. We have been doing this Since June 19, 1984, well over 35 years.

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Directory Discount Offered: Only NU/NEW EMAIL CUSTOMERS ONLY can save up to 60% off all initial ORDERS, et al

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