California IVF Fertility Center

California IVF Fertility Center

California IVF Fertility Center is a private practice clinic located in Davis and Sacramento California.  California IVF is home to the California Conceptions donor embryo program.  Our fertility center has a long history of supporting all forms of fertility treatments including donor sperm, donor eggs, and gestational carriers.  Our fertility specialists and embryology staff work to constantly improve the science of how fertility services are provided.  With a unique collaborative arrangement with the UC Davis Health system, we are able to leverage the research platforms of a highly respected university while providing private practice service.  We have made many modifications and improvements that other centers try to copy in order to keep up with our progress.  Rather than claiming to offer the latest technology, we strive to improve it.  We offer full genetic testing services for the screening of people as well as genetic testing of embryos with a greater than 70% chance of success for most participants.  Our donor egg success has consistently been over 70% without genetic testing.  Our experience and commitment to improving outcomes has led to the very unique California Conceptions Donor Embryo Program.

Using donor embryos, from donated sperm and donated eggs, offers excellent chances of a successful pregnancy for women who are struggling with infertility and are not getting pregnant with in vitro fertilization (IVF).  The California Conceptions Program is a donor embryo program that offers success rates of 65%-75% per try at a lower cost than using a traditional egg donor or donated embryos left over from previous fertility treatments.  To make this better, the California Conceptions Donor Embryo Program offers 3 tries for one flat rate.  Because we use donor sperm and donor eggs, there are significantly less barriers to pregnancy and the chances of success with three tries are among the highest possible rates of success offered in a very cost effective way.  The program initially started in 2010 and has maintained an excellent rate of success.  Because the program is so successful, many participants will qualify for a refund option that returns 100% of the cost of the program (travel and medications are not refunded).  The California Conceptions Program is usually successful even when most people have failed previous fertility treatments.  This program can also be used in combination with gestational carriers.

California IVF Fertility Center is a full-service fertility clinic in Northern California operated by board certified physicians dedicated to providing the highest quality care.  We have a collaborative arrangement with the University of California Davis Health System and provide training to OBGYN residents and medical students and participate in multiple research projects with the goal of improving success and innovating new technologies in reproductive medicine.


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