Clinical Thermography Associates

Clinical Thermography Associates

Provides the most up-to-date clinical thermographic services available. We provide clinical examinations, thermograms and interpretation at the same location. Our high-tech digital, high resolution telethermographic equipment is specifically designed for medical use. Examinations include: Breast, cephalic (head), TMJ (temporo-mandibular joint), upper body scans, extremity scans, and specific areas as needed.

Dr. George Chapman is one of the original pioneers of medical thermology, publishing his first work on Temporomandibular Joint thermography in 1965. He and Barbara Britt developed the Clinical Thermography Associates™ laboratory in Chula Vista, CA in 1978.

CTA has been the source of over 200 laboratory studies, 14 textbooks and over 40 articles.

CTA has performed over 300,000 thermographic studies and developed an extensive database to compare films enabling us to determine the statistical risk of many pathologies, including breast malignancy.CTA is a leader in clinical use of thermography for breast scanning that detects cancer risk at a very early stage, and shows hormone imbalance, as well as trigger point and muscle strain.

Thermography is a medical diagnostic technique that measures body function by recording heat emission, which has developed into a state-of-the-art science with specific thermal variables indicating a broad range of health assessment indicators. The radiation wavelength emitted is at the infrared end of the light spectrum, and is considered non-invasive, allowing tests to be done as often as desired. Special instrumentation is required, of course, since infrared rays are invisible to the unaided human eye.

Thermography provides a physiological assessment of the microcirculation and is unique and quite sensitive for the detection of risk factors regarding several pathological conditions including malignancy. However, thermal imaging does not replace or discourage clinical findings or other diagnostic testing and any suspicious areas should be followed up with additional testing or medical evaluation.

Please remember that thermography examinations do not detect all breast pathology or cancers, but will become more sensitive, with recognition to early changes once the baseline studies are on file. A normal thermogram, or any other diagnostic technique, does not absolutely exclude pathology/cancer, so it is always recommended that patients practice self examinations and see a doctor regularly.


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