Cook To Bang

Cook To Bang

Food and sex have been linked since the dawn of civilization. Cavemen once roasted saber-tooth tiger kebabs for their cave-babes, which set the mood for Cro-Magnon copulation. Neanderthals instinctively knew the importance of cooking for their lovers. This has been lost on the modern dating population willing to blow half our paycheck only to end up with a doggy bag and blue balls. That’s why everyone should COOK TO BANG because it’s…

  • Cheaper than a restaurant
  • They're already in your home
  • You're dessert

COOK TO BANG doesn’t require harvesting a kidney to pay for the dinner bill. You can avoid the awkward invitation inside after a date. And going the extra mile always yields decadent dividends. Culinary skills are as essential to the art of seduction as a brush and easel are for a painter. Be the Picasso in the pantry, Van Gogh up the grill, and shake your Monet maker.

COOK TO BANG is not just gourmet recipes broken down into steps so simple a monkey could make them. It’s not just a smartass seduction guide. COOK TO BANG offers simple, effective methods for of enjoying the two greatest pleasures, food and sex. So unleash your inner Kitchen Casanova. COOK TO BANG!


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