Elizabeth Anglin - Psychic, Animal Communicator

Elizabeth Anglin - Psychic, Animal Communicator

I am a Psychic, Remote Viewer, Animal Communicator, Spirit Medium, and Reiki Master.

I have been involved in consciousness research and meditation since 1987.

During psychic readings I connect directly with your spirit guides and guardians, and allow them to speak their thoughts regarding your situation of the moment and possibilities for the future. If necessary, I will ask for access to the akashic records to help shed more light on your situation. My guides and guardians assist in this process as needed.

In a medical intuition reading, my guides assist by facilitating the flow of energy and information between my brain and your physical and energetic body, while your guides make comment on the information shared and may agree to provide an energetic spiritual healing if one seems appropriate for you at the time.

During animal communication sessions, I allow your pet to speak first and give you the information they want you to know about. I then scan their physical body for energetic areas of concern, and check with their spirit guardians for any additional information that may be helpful to you and your veterinarian. Then I connect you to your pet in a real-time conversation.

In spirit medium sessions, I provide an energetic connection that will help your loved ones in spirit give you evidential information of their spiritual survival past physical life.

Your session may be recorded at your request.

I currently live on a remote high mesa in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado, where I meet with clients by phone.

I host the Mountain Psychic Hour internet call-in talk radio show on most Tuesday nights at 10 ET/9CT/8 pm MT/7 pm PT.

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