Feathers and Fur

Feathers and Fur

Jenna McDonald has been training dogs for almost a decade now, using holistic dog training to look at the dog, the owner, the situation, and what works best for each case.

Holistic dog training acknowledges that there is no one perfect system for all dogs, but that we all vary greatly. Training starts with understanding your dog's behavior, because without understanding we can't change anything. Once we know what you're accidentally telling your dog, and what your dog is telling you, and how your dog responds best, we will know what techniques to use. Techniques can range from positive reinforcement (clicker, treat, or praise training) to using corrections that mimic what one dog might do to another (body blocking, using the fingers to "nip" gently), to using tools (leashes and collars). While doing this we also work on building confidence and trust in yourself and your dog. One of the most important things about using dog behavior is that when your dog understands that you're the leader, they will try harder to please you, knowing that even in stressful situations you will protect them.

Jenna McDonald has been teaching people about dog behavior and communication since 2003. Often, she works with dogs who have behavioral problems, mostly re-training owners. She believes no problem is past help, if the owner is willing. She's thrilled when people ask for information before a problem ever arises; that is, of course, the best situation.

Jenna lives with her two dogs and her bird in San Jose, working in and around the south bay area, though she's been known to travel farther afield. She believes dogs are our best companions and staunchest supporters, and deserve the best we can give them -- praise, love, structure, rules, and sometimes work.


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