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  1. Registration is absolutely free (without any pay) and does not require confirmation e-mail, but using e-mail address for alerts and password recovery. However, from the alerts can unsubscribe selectively or all at once.
  2. Dating - Virtual life can feel protected by the public anonymity. Anonymity is not forbidden on this site, it allows you to more openly express their concerns and to meet really interesting people you. (Organizers of the site is very responsible attitude to users personal information and guarantees that will never disclose users personal information, access to this information, there is only one administrator - Main Jeam).
  3. Invitations - each user can invite any number of his friends, but 10 people per day.
  4. Groups - each user can create their own groups and to concentrate the audience for a better choice for meeting, dating and community.
  5. Blogs - Administration of this site does not use censorship, but requires users to comply with international laws and principles of tolerance.
  6. Articles - moderators excited about any of the articles and notes, NOT AN ADVERTISING nature, of gay life and for gay life.
  7. Books - users can upload and share their favorite books and stories, best books are laid out by professional designers and published on
  8. Forum - completely free and open section of the site for users.
  9. Image - Users have the ability to create their own albums and store their photos on the site.
  10. Video - site does not support the storage and conversion of video files, but allows you to share video links with the major video hosting sites.
  11. Buy/Sell - For those who can not live without business, this website has a section where you can place any restrictions on free business information and advertise their products and services. Without any interest and commissions to the site - absolutely free (without any fee and hidden payouts).

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