Gay Mormon LDS Reconciliation

Gay Mormon LDS Reconciliation

The Gay Mormon LDS Reconciliation web site, where you will find information about our group, where we meet and the activities we hold. LDS Reconciliation affirms the spirituality of Gays and Lesbians and seeks to provide a safe haven for individuals with a Latter-day Saint background to discuss the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Being Gay Mormon or Gay LDS, whether man or woman, can be difficult to reconcile. Gay reconciliation within Christianity is possible and LDS Reconciliation can help you put being Gay and Mormon into perspective. This site is not only for you as a Gay Mormon but for your families as well, to open up dialog and begin the understanding of what being Gay Mormon is and how Gay reconciliation and a spirituality can be achieved in a gospel of love.

General Information About our Group
Gay Mormon LDS Reconciliation does not strive to be a Gay Mormon church, but rather in a group "Family Home Evening" like environment provide an atmosphere where Gay Mormon men and women and Gay Mormon missionaries or those considering serving a mission can meet and discus the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We strive to provide the best Gay Mormon resources to aid individuals struggling with their sexual orientation and are always looking to provide the best Gay Mormon information possible. As a part of trying to provide the best resources we have added a blog to start allowing people to have a place to make comments rather than a Gay Mormon chat room. Please feel free to visit our blog and comment on any of the posts you find there. Some of the entries will likely be able to help someone who is struggling by finding there are others out there in similar circumstances.

Remember, you are "No more strangers and foreigners, but fellow citizens with the saints"
-- Eph. 2:19


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