Goto Friendly Cities

Goto Friendly Cities

Destination travel guides with a gay perspective. Gay Guide to hotels, bars, restaurants, beaches and events with maps, photos and reviews - Gay Friendly Cities. is focused on the travel market exclusively for the GLBT community. Rather than offering exclusive holiday catalog features a complete tourist and entertainment for the entire GBLT community, focusing on different selected destinations. GotoFriendlyCities is the guide for organizing vacations, weekends or simply take advantage of the leisure time.

GotoFriendlyCities shows a wide range of activities from visiting the most emblematic and culture of the city or the bars, restaurants and clubs. The main travel destinations include London, Madrid, Barcelona, Rome, Lisbon, Buenos Aires, New York, and so on. Not to mention not exclude other areas frequented GLBT community, as Sitges and Gran Canaria.

GotoFriendlyCities selects only the services offered by confirming that all staff are “gay friendly”.

GLBT tourism industry will undoubtedly generate more trust and better understanding the needs of the GLBT community and always discovering new travel destinations.

GotoFriendlyCities is a great resource for GLBT travel.


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