Hundredth Munchy Books

Hundredth Munchy Books

Hundredth Munchy Books is proud to sell two gay-friendly books for the toddler set. Both books are suitable for babies to 6-year-olds and both books offer a simple rhyming scheme and big colorful pictures.

"When Grown-Ups Fall in Love" simply explains that some grown-ups fall in love with someone of the same sex (then you have two mommies or two daddies) and others fall in love with someone of the opposite sex (then you have a mommy and a daddy).

"Mama Eat Ant, Yuck!" tells a funny story of what happens to a lesbian couple and their children when one of the moms accidentally eats some ants that are hiding in the raisins.

These books are suitable for pre-schools, day care centers, first-grade and kindergarten classes, as well as home libraries. They are an excellent resource for gay parents but also for straight parents who want to raise their children to appreciate diversity. Books will be sold in bulk at greatly reduced prices to non-profit organizations who wish to sell the books as a fundraiser.


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