Lora Wiens, Clinical Psychologist

Lora Wiens, Clinical Psychologist

Life is full of unexpected blessings and devastating losses. Sometimes we feel competent and at other times our lives spiral out of control. We long to connect but trusting others can be difficult, even in our most intimate relationships. We are grateful for opportunities to help others and yet giving too much can breed resentment and a longing to be on the receiving end of the relationship. We want to help the people we love and so we feel helpless and frustrated when they make self-destructive choices and reject our assistance. Choosing to go to therapy means taking the risk to share your concerns with a professional in the hope that you can make positive changes in your life and receive some relief from the pain you are experiencing.

Dr. Lora Wiens is a Clinical Psychologist who has a Masters degree in Philosophy. She treats individual adults, couples, adolescents, and children. She specializes in treating adolescents and adults with relationship issues, anxiety disorders, mood disorders, and experiences of loss, trauma, and abuse. She regularly works with LGBT clients on issues related to coming out, creating healthy relationships, and building a positive spirituality. Her approach is holistic, focusing on healing the mind, body, and spirit, drawing upon her training in psychology, philosophy, and theology.


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Specialization(s): couples therapy, coming out, PTSD

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 Coming out, 11-13-2012 02:29PM

By: Kim

I have an issue with coming out and PSTD. Dr. Wiens did not help with either. For the coming out part she kept suggesting to go to a group down in Chicago and also sent me websites. I needed to discuss my fears in a theraputic environment with someone I felt comfortable with first. I am a gay Christian and I have been ostracized by my family and church. I needed to discuss it. Dr. Wiens did not provide this opportunity for me. Instead she kept skating around the issue when I kept bringing it up. She even lauged at some of my experiences. They were very hurtful experineces I needed to talk about. If you have any gay related issues I would sugest NOT going to Dr. Wiens for them. Over-all she is inexperienced and does not follow the therapist code of ethics.

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