Madame Peaches

Madame Peaches

Madame Peaches has always catered for our gay customers including Civil Partnership parties - now we want to shout about it! Gay hen parties and gay stag parties are available in all of our UK locations.

Civil Partnership Pre Nup Party? Hag do? Or just (pardon the pun) ahem…straight hen or stag do?

It’s a bit confusing no? Do you have to split up into two groups?  And if you do – who goes where? Do you have to draw straws to decide which friends belong to whom? Can the boys come to the girl’s do? Can the girls’s go out with the boys?  Oh dear. It’s all rather confusing and they’ll be tears before bedtime.

Fear not! As there’s no traditional path to follow for gay wedding celebrations  – it’s up to you to decide what works best FOR YOU! How fantastic is that. A party. And more than that – a party that’s exactly the way you want it to be!

Whether you want to have two separate do’s, split up and come back together later, start off all together and then split up, or just have one massive party – we can help!

EVERYONE IS WELCOME! Young, old, gay, straight, undecided, dance floor diva, left footed, men, women, 24/7 party animal or part time wall flower – everyone can come and party with Peaches!

Our friendly, qualified and professional teachers will show you the moves, gradually building your own fantastic routine over 90 minutes so you can strut your stuff on the dance floor later that night. Hen parties have even been known to wow/impress/amaze/disturb (delete as appropriate) the other guests at the wedding!

With over 20 parties, we have something for everyone whether you’re mad for Michael bonkers for Beyonce or gaga for Gaga our expert team of teachers can tailor parties to match your pace and ensure everyone has a blast!


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