Out There Tennis Club

Out There Tennis Club

We are located in Norwood Community Centre (see map below), just off the Queen Elizabeth Way (formerly Norwood Bridge). If you are heading south from Main Street, turn right into Lyndale Drive, just right after the Norwood Bridge.

There is no drop-in fee. The 3 tennis courts are new and follow a strict honour system. Players are asked to sign-in at the board and  then are allowed to play for 30 minutes, after which new players will be allowed to play. You can sign-up again on the board, and the cycle continues. PLEASE FOLLOW THE 30-MIN POLICY. Players wishing to play under the Out There Tennis Club are asked to sign a WAIVER AND RELEASE before commencing their play. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Check out the following tennis play dates for Summer and Fall 2011 (starting time is 5:00pm):

  • July 6, 12, 30
  • August 6, 30
  • Sept 13, 30

About Out There Sports & Recreation

On July 16th, 2002, a dozen gay men and lesbians met and formed the Out There Sports & Recreation group, a new umbrella sports organization for the LGBT community.

Out There Sports & Recreation exists to provide opportunities for women and men to participate in sports and recreation activities in good company with other members of the Winnipeg LGBT community. We feel that there is a need for more places for queer people to meet and have fun, and Out There was created to meet that need.

Out There Sports & Recreation does not itself organize events, but promotes events organized by others in the LGBT community.


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