Photos by Joie Rey

Photos by Joie Rey

Joie Rey Cohen is a Working Class, Genderqueer, Jewish artist who has been doing fine art/commercial photography since 1992. Joie utilizes visually stimulating, high contrast techniques, disguises and masks to symbolize the many layers of identity. Joie also creates high end head shots for actors, dancers, musicians, and other performers in the bay area.

Joie's artwork, has shown in academic and fine art settings in New York, Florida, Missouri, North Carolina, London, England, three Major Cities in Australia, San Francisco, and in other cities in Northern California.

Joie obtained a BA from New College of California, and is currently attending grad school at CIIS (California Institute of Integral Studies) in San Francisco, where Joie is working to complete an MFA in Creative Inquiry & Interdisciplinary Arts.

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Joie has been creating layered identity-based portraits for over twenty years and is currently visually preserving memories, by engaging dialogue with images, text, and patterns. Joie has shown work in England, Australia, and at 3 universities in the U.S.

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