Prime Timers of NY

Prime Timers of NY

The Prime Timers of NY, aka NY Prime Timers, is an educational and social organization for men over 40 and those that admire them. Contemporary gay culture often marginalizes the older members of their society leaving them feeling outcast and no longer a part of the culture. We offer a place were seniors and those that like them may meet freely to socialize and learn what there is for mature men in NYC and the surrounding areas.

We meet monthly on the second Saturday of each month at the GLBT Center at 208 W 13th St (see map below) at 2 pm. We also have a range of activities each month.

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 Fun way to meet gay and bi seniors in NYC, 03-31-2018 11:16PM

By: Dan Clark

This is a great group if you're looking to meet other mature gay & bi men in the New York tri-state area.

They have monthly dine outs for lunch and/or dinner - I've discover many new places that ar both tasty and affordable by attending their meal outing.

Each month they find some interesting things to do - musuems, movies, thater that are just more fun to go to with a group rather than just going on my own. Whether it be a trip to see the cherry blossosm in spring, apple picking in the fall or just everyday events in NYC, they inspire me to get out more often.

While they don't have the resources of a larger senior organization like SAGE, they are an exclusively male club. Sometimes the vibe of an all male group is just what I'm looking for, maybe you're seeking that too?

They also have a fun monthly nude gathering. This might not be for all people and no even all of their members participate but if you're interested in senior men and enjoy nudism and meeting sexy seniors, this is one of the only games in town.

They also meet monthly down at the LGBT Center on W 13th st on the seconed Saturday of each month at 2 pm. The meeting vary in content... sometimes its a simple 'meet & greet', sometimers there's a featured speaker, or a game day, etc.

They have a monthly newsletter that in addition to listing all of their events, they highligh and feature national events that are of interest to older gay men. I'm amazaed at how many different events they find across the country. Some of the NY members go to many of these conventions and gatherings and they sometime report back to the group on what they did and how the trip was. I find this very informative, even when I'm not interested in a particular destination or type of event.

Generally the men I've met through them have be interesting and fun, but they do have a few 'eccentrics' that sometime attend their meeting that can serve to lighten up the festivities but can become a distraction sometimes as well. It's a bit hit or miss as the seems to be s differnet bunch of people that attend the monthly meeting at the LGBT Center.

If you older or like older men, you just may want to check these guys out... they are definitely a bit more lively that the meeetings I've attended at SAGE and again as an all male organization offer a different 'vibe' than SAGE does.

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