Seduction prides itself on being completely free of both prejudice and judgment, this is due to our firm belief that consenting adults should be openly encouraged to fully explore their sexuality. It is with great joy that we have made available an innumerable selection of potential options for singles, couples, trebles or whatever groupings our clients choose to be a part of, to explore their wants, desires and limits within a safe and judgment free environment.

We are very understanding of the reluctance many people have in our culture with the discussion of taboo topics, such as individual sexuality and more specifically in its fulfillment. We at Seduction believe strongly in the importance of open communication with our clients about what aspect of sexuality they are looking to fulfill. To this end, each and every one of our staff, both in store and online have been thoroughly educated in the nature, manufacture, application and use of the products we sell as well as the psychology behind the myriad of different sexual wants and desires we regularly encounter. With this in mind we politely invite you to voice any and all of your questions freely to any of our capable sales staff, with the assurance that you will never be met with shock, surprise or discrimination; simply with respect, understanding, patience and with any luck the answer to your question.


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