Transgender Aesthetics

Transgender Aesthetics

Body Shaving / Massages / Cross-Dressing / Wig sales

I offer some very unique services that cater to the needs of  2 distinct groups of people: Cross-dressers OR Men who enjoy sharing the company with ladies such as myself.

For anyone who decides to use my services, you can expect to be treated with the utmost respect, together with tender loving care. You will find my studio to be private and cozy, as I only work with people on a 1 to 1 basis only.

Most people find me to be very approachable, friendly, and considerate of other peoples feelings. You will also find me to be practical as well as creative - I always try to find Humour in life - no matter what!

I am well read and informed on a wide range of issues in life and I encourage everyone to speak their mind while visiting me. Being personal & understanding is an integral part of how I conduct my business.

For Cross-dressers
I offer quite a wide variety of services to choose from, ranging from a try on Lingerie fetish secessions to complete M-F transformations, as well as coffee date outings or shopping excursions to the mall. For those who wish to explore the gender path on their own I offer a wig boutique where one can find the privacy and freedom to choose the right wig of their own liking. For those who have a hot date, feel welcomed to change into your other self at my studio. Other items for sale include bras, silicone breast forms, hosiery, heels from sizes 8-12 and complete makeup kits.

For Men With Stressful Lives
I offer an unforgettable day at the SPA. Services include a variety of Special massages conducted on a professional massage table. I also offer Body Shaving for men with very hairy bodies. I will clear and shave hair away from any part of your body. I also offer Head Shaving. My process is efficient as well as effective. Regardless of your choice, you will walk away feeling relaxed, refreshed, as well as fulfilled!


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Specialization(s): "Spa" Services / Massages / Cross Dressing

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