Alignment Healing

Alignment Healing

Chiropractic & Energy Healing

My name is Dr. Greg Vrona and I am happy to introduce the Burlington area to my unique approach to hands on healing, a combination of chiropractic and energy healing techniques. Traditional chiropractic care, through the use of adjustments (or spinal manipulation), works to improve spinal alignment, joint function, nervous system function, and body balance to optimize the body’s physical function and self-healing ability. Energy healing, such as Reiki and Quantum Touch, is more gentle and subtle, but very powerful. Distortions and blocks in the body's energy field are corrected or cleared using light touch and a relaxed meditative state. A high frequency vibration passes from the practitioner's hands to the client's body. As the body entrains to this higher frequency, health can improve on all levels - physically, mentally, and emotionally.

It has been my experience that this amalgam of physical and energetic therapies is more holistic than using one of these therapies alone, and is therefore more effective. The result is usually a decrease in pain and an increase in peace and well-being, usually in fewer visits.

I look forward to working with you.  Life is meant to be fun and pain-free!


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