Celebrity Psychic

Celebrity Psychic

Psychic and Theta Healer

Soul Mates, Love, Sex and Relationships

Is love enough? Could you use some help in the category? This celebrity psychic is one of the only psychics that deals with true love and intimacy connections in relationships. She believe that if you are dealing with the sexual nature of the person you aren't dealing with the whole person as it is the essence of who we are. It's how we got to this planet and what keeps us thriving here! So if you are looking to make deeper connections, learn more about yourself and your love style, need to know the difference between love, intimacy, and sexuality then this is the place for you. Come see your love future today!

Known for her accurate, honest, sincere, no sugar coating attitude, famed Celebrity Psychic Medium, (Psychic to the Stars) and the World's only Sex Psychic offers readings to you. Private sessions via phone may cover all aspects of life; health, career, financial, family, relationships, sex, travel and spirituality. Being a direct psychic she needs no tools to connect, but she has the skills to use the Tarot, Iching, and astrology if she wants to get clarity on something specific for you or more information regarding a situation. As a psychic who reads intimate situations she is available to help people with any relationship status. Single, married, love triangle, straight, gay, bi or spiritual, spirit sexual encounters. Adrien reads energy, vibrations along with seeing and hearing information. Readings are used as tools and guidance and not a substitute for professional help in the medical and legal arenas. My clients are worldwide in America, USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Guam, Saudi Arabia and many other countries.

Adrien Blackwell has been featured in media around the world, magazines, news, TV shows and Internet shows. On Tuesday nights she host Disturbed Paranormal Radio.

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