Center for Spiritual Living

Center for Spiritual Living

We are an affirming, inclusive spiritual community dedicated to the teaching and the practice of universal spiritual principles, as presented through the works of Science of Mind and Spirit. We are dedicated to the transformation of our own lives and know that through this we make the world a better place. We have a Sunday Celebration Service at 10am each Sunday (meditation at 9:30) and offer classes and events throughout the week that are in alignment with the spiritual principles that we teach. We believe that all religions, wisdom traditions and faiths are the various ways in which cultures and peoples have experienced the Divine and we honor all paths to God/Source/Spirit/All That Is.

We celebrate our uniqueness and diversity as well as our oneness, our common heritage as Divine Emanations of the One Power and One Presence that orders the universe. We offer a educational path for licensed spiritual counseling and ministry through the Holmes Institute of Consciousness Studies. The core universal spiritual principles that we teach are the following: Oneness, Spirit/Mind/Body as aspects of this oneness, our words are creative, we attract what we deeply believe, our Source is not outside of us, but within us, we are eternal, we are "wired" to be a beneficial presence in life, we are whole in every moment, the physical (temporal) is a servant of the Spiritual (eternal.) Abundance is our true nature. Life is Good and God/Spirit is real.


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