Christopher Todd Hypnosis and Coaching

Christopher Todd Hypnosis and Coaching

You've made a great decision in considering hypnotherapy as a way to improve your life. I am a skilled and certified hypnotherapist, life coach, natural path, who will work with you to help you achieve your goals, whether it's to stop smoking, pain relief, thyroid, relationship struggles, job performance, career goals. I am here to help, so please don't hesitate to contact me today!


My Story

At 27 I was told I had gout. My big toe was swollen, and I could not walk. How I got gout is something that no one could tell me.  I didn't eat organ meats.  I have no family history of it.  Yet I was told it was genetic.  How could it be genetic when no one in my family has it? The gout flair could be treated, and I could wear special shoes, I could take herbal remedies, but it was not going away. I also had eczema from age of 16 on my face. It started between my eyes and spread over time down my cheeks. I look like I was 50+ plus as more stressful work lead to gray hair, dark circles around the eyes, and acne that would scare a 14-year-old.  The apex of my struggle happened in 2020 during Covid lockdown my entire right foot swelled up, and I was unable to walk for 6 months. After going to Urgent Care, and spending thousands of dollars, I was told there was no source, no cause, no blood clots, no fracture.  My foot was the size of a small watermelon for no reason. I was stressed, in pain, and now I cannot walk. My eczema was going off, my skin was gray, and pealing like a bad sunburn all the time.  I tried to reduce stress with mindfulness, magic pills,  life coaching, online classes, books, and the latest and greatest gadget. They did not work or worked briefly, and I gave up on them.  I found Marisa Peer and RTT, or it found me.  It changed my life. I understand now my swollen foot was a psychosomatic manifestation of unwillingness to go someplace, i/e Covid outside better stay home. I understand now why my body did that thing, why I do things.  My autoimmune disorders have gone away.  My hair is growing back, and gray is going away.  I no longer have a sugar craving. Removed dairy from my diet.  I studied RTT with the amazing Marisa Peer, I now free others from pain, doubt, regret, fear, feeling trapped, needing to be seen, valued, and heard.     I have many success stories, of clients coming off diabetic medication. pain medication, anti-inflammatory, and acid reflux treatments.  Schedule a free call so we can discover how I can help you.  You are Enough, You are Significant, You are Protected, You are Loved, You are Celebrated, You are Proud, You Belong.  

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