Number 1 Introductory Service for Sperm Donors, Co-Parents and Sperm Donation. Welcome to the largest and most comprehensive online site for people who are either looking for a co-parenting or sperm donor match. is the longest running website for sperm donation worlwide. We have the largest database of sperm donors and sperm recipients across countries including UK, USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and through Europe. This site gives you the opportunity to register your personal requirements & search through the profiles of our existing members to identify a potential match.

Maybe you want to help someone become a parent through sperm donation, you may want to advertise for a donor or co-parent to help you start a family or perhaps you just want some support and information on this exciting step in your life.

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 Scam Website, 06-14-2018 04:38AM

By: djleyan

Do NOT pay for this scam of all time website. All profile shown on website are fake thus inactive. Its way wiser to try in real life than finding someone on such websites. They are fraud and ripping off people. I have lost my money and time on this $#*!ty website.

 Meeting our Sperm Donor, 10-17-2012 09:58AM

By: Chrissy

My partner and I bought sperm through a sperm bank last year and tried IUI but unfortunately after 4 attempts didn't get pregnant. The sperm bank was great but expensive so we joined and met a sperm donor who lived near to us. He donated sperm to us and on our second cycle I got pregnant!!! My partner and I are now expecting a baby girl on Dec 23rd! We only paid for one month membership so it was well worth the $9.95 fee. Our sperm bank and treatment cost us over $3,000. Anyway, we are so excited to become moms ;)

 Buyer Beware, 04-19-2011 06:46AM

By: Vic

I signed up, paid for a premium membership and never really used the site. So I cancelled my membership at

A year later my paypal account was charged another $45. Wondering what was going on I looked at my recurring charges in paypal, it was still there. So I disputed the charge. responded back saying it was my responsibility to cancel the paypal recurring fees even though I cancelled the actual account on co-parent match...and they pointed this out in their terms and conditions.

Yes, it is there: "Using PayPal gives you maximum control over your account so please remember it is the member’s responsibility to cancel their own subscription to prevent any further payments being taken."

1-star for stating stuff in terms and conditions that is out of the ordinary as far as payments go and taking advantage of the fact that probably 90% of people don't read it...and then don't bother giving a refund. To me, that's unethical.

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