Cuddling & Coaching - Cuddle Therapy and Life Coaching

Cuddling & Coaching - Cuddle Therapy and Life Coaching

Many successful people feel a lack of deep, fulfilling connection with the people in their lives.

I’m known best for helping successful people create lives where they feel deeply connected, and accepted for who they truly are.

In their romantic lives, friendships and family.

My coaching equally covers self esteem, emotional health, body image, self care, health, sexuality, sex life, career/business dreams, and much more.

With half of my clients touch is never involved. We only do life coaching which is fantastic.

Others find it highly valuable to combine life coaching with platonic therapeutic touch.

Ways clients benefit from this:

  • Learn to create fulfilling touch and emotional closeness in your social life - platonic or romantic.

  • Boundaries, saying no, asking for what you want.

  • Step through fears of touch and emotional closeness.

  • Let go of shame about being gay, bi, genderqueer, etc.

  • Any other area of life coaching because you feel safer and more supported as you transform yourself and your life.

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