Daisy Nokes Real Transformation

Daisy Nokes Real Transformation


Since I was young, I have been drawn to find the deeper truth about life and to give to others. This manifested itself as becoming an energy healer, which I have been doing for 12 years now. I am also studying for a BA in Person-Centred Counselling as well.

I offer a variety of different therapies, which I tailor to each person’s specific needs. These include: Swedish Massage, Vortex Healing® Energy Therapy and Reiki (NB I am fully qualified in each of these). 

I am particularly good at assisting people with difficulties in relationships, and with emotional blocks they may be experiencing in their life. I have the ability to ‘sense’ (often referred to as being ‘psychic’), but do not claim to know things in any absolute way, nor do I offer medical diagnoses or future predictions. I use my abilities to guide me to where your body and inner world need help and then use energies I have been trained in channelling, to alleviate suffering there. I have been told that I have a naturally empathic presence and the ability to put a person at ease, while also pointing them to the truth of what is going on for them and meeting them in that.

I am bisexual and friendly with all sexualities. I work from home in London and also offer distance sessions via Skype or phone (this can be discussed to answer your questions).

Here is some of the feedback I have received:

"Healing with Daisy has changed my life. Truly an awakening – the experience of coming into being. Reaching a place of truth and integrity that was previously unknown."
Katharine Williams
Lighting Designer

"Two doctors and two specialists couldn't offer me any solution for the pain in my side. Not only did you reduce it, you could tell it was there just by holding your hands over my body for a few moments."
Marina Brown
Web Designer, BBC

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