Dan Bouchard, Good Vibe Homes of RE/MAX Realty Group100

Dan Bouchard, Good Vibe Homes of RE/MAX Realty Group100

  1. More than hearing you, we listen to understand your needs It’s often not just what someone says, we hear between the lines of what people don’t say as much as what they do say. We ask the RIGHT questions then listen intently.
  2. It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. We apply 25+ years of experience and creative thinking to address unique  your challenges. Instead of telling clients how things must be done, we offer solutions and resources.
  3. Accountability start to finish. You won’t get lost in a large operation leaving you to feel insignificant. With one accountable contact throughout the entire process, you know what’s happening with your transaction with our daily updates.
  4. The accountability "Buck" Stops with Dan!

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