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How to find an elder mediator that is right for you:
* Select your state from our Geographical Listing of Eldercare Mediators in 50 states and D.C., review each mediator's photo, fees, background & experience (minimum level: any 40-hour mediation seminar & 5 mediations), then email or call the ones you want to interview
* Set up a family meeting with the mediator's help. If some relatives are not able to travel there, they may attend by speaker phone or webcam. The mediator will facilitate the discussion and help family members come up with decisions that they can all live with.
* Read Articles & Books on Eldercare Mediation
* Find Information & Referral Sources for Seniors & Caregivers
* Visit Links to Senior Citizen-Related Organizations

We mediate and specialize in the following elder-related disputes:
* Quality of Life
* Housing
* Car Keys, Driving & Transportation (limitations on driving, testing, transportation to medical appointments, friends, social events & church)
* Caregiving (division of duties, relief for caregivers, level of care needed, planning vacations for parents & caregivers)
* Financial Decisions
* Working through Family Fights (improving sibling relationships, learning communication skills, & working as a team)
* Geriatric Assessment
* Wills, Trusts & Estates (planning, distribution of assets, & resolution of family disputes)
* Division or Sale of Farms, Businesses & Property
* Powers of Attorney & Avoiding Guardianship
* Health Care Decisions
* Emergency Decisions
* Planning Ahead for End of Life Decisions (funeral planning & Advanced Directives [Living Wills/Life Prolongation, organ donation preference, appointment of health care representatives])
* Resident Injury, Level of Care, & Wrongful Death

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