Elite Tantric Massage

Elite Tantric Massage

I am Liam and I'm 49, 6 foot 1 and 185 lbs, Irish/ English and I have been doing Tantric Works for over 18 years. I am also a personal trainer and am in absolutely amazing physical condition for your pleasure and enjoyment.

Experience floating timelessly in a cocoon of your own sexual energy, wrapped in Tantric Bliss. Find that level, alternately surpassing it to flirt with the top of your Edge, and then calming your core as I slowly, expertly move your inner force away from your core to provide incredible sensations and vitality throughout your body electric.

For the more advanced and or adventurous, I freely incorporate Male Sacred Spot Massage throughout your session. This can reach and dissolve core and root chakra blockages and also provide the perfect medium for higher erotic growth. Some have said MSSM allowed them to enjoy their most profound sexual state.

Feel unique sensations as your erotic energies are created in your core and allowed to grow to an awesome force. Experience the True Tantric Wonder of Floating in Bliss as I expertly move this force throughout your entire system, from head to toe, repeatedly.
Breathe with me. Breathe as I show you and breathe your way to deep inner contentment.

I do the sessions fully unclothed and do them in a room that is completely designed for your relaxation and comfort. There are mirrors at eye level. There are candles, incense, Tantric music and a fireplace.

I do one hour for 150 and 1 hour and a half for 200.

Discover how to use your sexual energy to build your inner vitality and improve you long term health.




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Rates: $150, $200 - $400

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Type of Bodywork Offered: Therapeutic, Sensual, Erotic

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