Erin Kearney, Arizona Pro Realty

Erin Kearney, Arizona Pro Realty

Why would I want to buy a home now?

In our current market we are experiencing low home pricing along with low interest rates, making money cheap to borrow and homes cheap to buy. When considering investment properties, it often makes most sense for first time investors to purchase a residential space. With the right property, an investor can gain equity in the long term while profiting from tenant’s payments immediately.

Real estate agents, in some circles, have a reputation not unlike used car salespeople. However, partnering with the right agent means you gain from valuable experience with an individual who knows where to look and how to get the most out of your investment.

Why use a gay agent?

As a gay real estate agent, I know the community. I know the most popular neighborhoods, the best spots to socialize or grab a coffee, but most importantly I have personally experienced issues that can arise when purchasing property as a gay individual or in a partnership. It is important to feel comfortable with your agent when you are making what is often the most important financial decision of your life. It is also important to not to fear rejection and discrimination during this process while working with someone who accepts you for who you are and understands the unique aspects of being part of the gay community.

Why use me…specifically?

I am an educator and an advocate, not just a salesperson. My client’s well-being always takes precedence over my own, however I am not afraid to say “no” if I feel you are about to make the wrong decision. Details do not scare me and I pride myself on prompt responses and the ability to find answers.  Your investment is not part time, your realtor shouldn’t be either.


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