Family Inceptions International

Family Inceptions International

Family Inceptions International  is best described as an agency with “big agency” skills combined with “small agency” efficiency, personalization and flexibility. Understanding that clients desire options, we are the only agency located within the U.S. that offers services both domestically and internationally

Family Inceptions International’s mission is to inspire life, create life, and assist others to help give life. We are fully committed to helping our clients realize their vision of starting or adding to their family.  We are compassionate experts that are well versed in the policies and procedures associated with family building, and as such, are able to gently guide our clients through this fascinating and fulfilling mode of family creation; including the processes of egg donation, IVF cycles, and international surrogacy. Additionally we are able to accomplish this by expanding our client’s knowledge and understanding of their options for family building and their corresponding journeys. Using our first-hand experience, as well as our extensive expertise in assisting clients, we guide individuals and couples through their process from initial consultation to delivery. Throughout their miraculous journey, our clients will appreciate the expertise of our personal commitment to their dream of a family. Clients have to look no further than to FII’s expertise and compassion in fulfilling their dreams of becoming or growing their family with grace and ease in a process as personal as this.

FII believes that all individuals should have the opportunity to create or grow their family, and that every child through egg donation and or surrogacy is a gift. We work with all individuals seeking to grow their family, and in doing so, we want to guide you through the options available to your journey.

We provide our potential clients with a free one (1) hour consultation. It is during this time that we provide you with the detailed information you require to make your best educated decision that best aligns with your expectations. Furthermore, there is no fee to access our database and view full profiles of available egg donors and surrogates. Assessment of fees will not be applied until you, the client, have selected your egg donor and/or surrogate.


  • Domestic Egg Donation (within the USA)
  • Domestic Surrogacy (within the USA)
  • Fertility Tourism
    • International Egg Donation
    • International Fertility Facilitator (Surrogacy, IVF abroad)


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