Friction Fiction Books by Raven Davies

Friction Fiction Books by Raven Davies

Gay fiction books and eBooks by Raven Davies; plus a free Slash novel, The Runaway, based on the Magnificent Seven, the TV series. You will find Raven’s fantasy fiction novel Between Here & There, and the romance adventure tale PlanetTerra Journals Volume I: WET SEASON. This book is the first in a series of provocative thought inducing stories, regarding world problems, as a gay couple examines and travels to find answers.

Raven Davies is a Canadian author from Calgary, Alberta, and self-publishes. Having experienced other cultures, during the author's many travels, this nomad has finally returned to Calgary, now living as a recluse and only writing gay fiction where the storylines are of main importance, while developing the romantic, and history of the main characters. The scenes are set and the dialogue within each story can be taken as fact, as per the author’s own beliefs and research. Each character has a story within the main tale, and their sexuality is accepted in a cruel world.

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