Gender Diversity

Gender Diversity

Gender Diversity is an education, support, and training organization committed to increasing awareness and understanding of the normal range of gender variations in children, adolescents, and adults. Our services include:

  • Providing support to families raising transgender and gender non-conforming children and teens
  • Working with public and private schools K-12 to create gender-inclusive learning environments, identify measures to decrease bullying, and provide assistance with gender transitioning students or employees
  • Increasing the understanding of transgender and other gender diversity issues for organizations, agencies, providers and professionals through group or individualized trainings
  • Developing or modifying policy to include gender diversity and expression and determining the applications and implementation of such policies
  • Providing referral services for additional resources
  • Understanding and meeting legal nondiscrimination requirements regarding transgender and gender nonconforming populations

Our education and training services provide a straightforward approach to understanding gender identity and expression. A person’s gender identity and expression encompasses multiple factors including genetic influences, brain chemistry, learned behaviors, and personal choices. These factors – shaped by culture, custom, social constraints and beliefs – affect us all.

Communities are increasing their awareness of gender diversity and gaining a greater appreciation for the need to support healthy identity development across the full spectrum of gender expression.

Whether you are familiar with gender variance and transgender issues or are just starting to learn about gender identity and expression, Gender Diversity can meet your specific individual or organizational needs. We provide accessible, practical approaches, based on research and experience that help you understand gender diversity in all its complexities at any stage of life.


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