Julie Frick, LMSW

Julie Frick, LMSW

  • Is anxiety or fear keeping you from doing the things you want to do?
  • Do you feel drained of energy or that all pleasure has gone out of life?
  • Are you tired of carrying around emotional pain?
  • Are you and your spouse driving each other crazy?
  • Has your child experienced a trauma or negative situation that worries you?
  • Do you face negative discrimination on a daily or monthly basis?

These are examples of the problems that people bring to my practice. I can help with these problems. Health is not just the absence of pain, it is learning how to truly live into one's life and thrive.

My greatest joy is to watch someone become more and more her/his “true self” or to see a person, couple or family begin to experience more pleasure and satisfaction in life. I have always loved puzzles. The life of a human being is like one giant puzzle. Suffering is what brings people to me. Together we piece together the nature of this suffering and how we can treat it. I believe that we each have within us the answers that we seek. We have just become blocked or distracted from our own knowledge. My job is to help you remove the blocks and obstacles that you have accumulated, which obscure that knowledge. When you work with me, you don’t become more like some model of mental health, you become more “yourself.” I believe that each person makes a contribution to the world from the uniqueness of who s/he is and what s/he has experienced.


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