Lake Professional Psychology Corporation

Lake Professional Psychology Corporation

As a registered psychologist, I enjoy working with individuals and couples. I have an interest in helping people create positive changes in their lives by overcoming emotional blocks and developing strategies and tools that enhance emotional well-being and the quality of interpersonal relationships.

I provide assistance for people who are experiencing a number of difficulties, including grief, anxiety, panic, low-self worth, relationship difficulties, identity issues, trauma, adjustment issues, addictions, body image issues, phobias, self-doubt, depression, separation, anger.

Cognitive-behavioural therapy: Identifies and corrects errors in thinking and helps to alter unwanted behaviours.Encourages integration of more empowering beliefs that enhance well-being and functioning.

EMDR: Clearing out trauma and disturbing memories from the body and strengthening coping abilities.

Emotionally-focused therapy: Quieting inner critical voices to draw out the inner confidence to help achieve goals; resolving unfinished business.

Gestalt: Focuses on what is directly perceived and felt; helps clients become aware of what they are doing, how they are doing it and how they can change themselves.

Hypnosis: Using the focused mind to change unwanted habits and achieve goals.

Self-leadership: Connecting to your inner wisdom; healing wounded parts of yourself.

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Specialization(s): trauma, anxiety, grief, relationship issues

Rates: $170/hour

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