Life Unanswered - Blog, Community Coaching LGBTQ+ WOMXN

Life Unanswered - Blog, Community Coaching LGBTQ+ WOMXN

There's a lot of noise out there telling you how to live your life and who to be. So many labels, opinions, expectations and responsibilities. Somewhere between trying to keep up and trying to figure out where you belong; you lost sight of who you really are. Your twenties should be about discovery and building the foundation of your adult life. But when a fundamental part of who you are goes against the societal norm, things get confusing and downright complicated.

As a LGBTQ+ Woman or questioning member of the community, it can be really overwhelming; specially when there aren't a lot of people, examples or resources to help you along the way. So either by choice or habit, you default to going along with the norm. But denying or avoiding a part of who you are is an empty road of sacrifice. 

I specialize in helping 20-something women gain clarity and confidence in themselves so they can live the life they want just by being themselves. 

We work closely together through LGBT questions and concerns, self-acceptance and discovery, emotional health, boundaries and communication.

All sessions are held over Zoom so I can work with you no matter where you are in the world.  

Don't spend another day living for anyone but yourself. You deserve to be happy, authentic and free! Book your free consult today!

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