5 Changes

5 Changes

Breakthru Coaching-NLP-Hypnosis

Our best resources are always our own intelligence, intuition, energy, and heart, as well as your ability to draw from the resources you already have, seen and unseen, inside and out. Learning the skills to do so more effectively in your own ever-evolving unique style is the miracle you were born for!

At Manzanita Village and Five Changes, we offer retreats, workshops, personal mentoring, and NLP certification.

“If you don’t have a destination – how will you ever arrive there? If you are so focused on your goals that you forget where you are right now, how will you ever know where to begin? To pursue your dreams AND to live fully in the present – THAT is the key!”
--Caitriona Reed

"I have had the absolute pleasure of knowing and working with Caitriona and Michele for more than 5 years. I have, over that time, trained tens of thousands of individuals in 12 countries around the world including thousands of Life Coaches, Business Consultants, Trainers and Professional Speakers using many modalities including Neuro-Linguistics. Caitriona and Michele are those rare individuals who, as catalysts for change, know how to make a truly lasting difference with their clients and students. They effortlessly fuse multiple modalities to create a powerful system of learning and change for all those lucky enough to be able to work with or learn from them. My suggestion to anyone seeking change and growth is to grab one of them while you can and learn all you can from them. You can thank me later. They’re incredible!"
--Duane Alley, Former lead trainer & head of R&D at Christopher Howard Training


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