Michael A. Horn, D.O.

Michael A. Horn, D.O.

I am an Osteopathic Physician who is board certified with a Special Proficiency in Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, licensed to practice medicine since 1992.

Though the principles upon which treatment is based are constant, each Osteopath’s treatments are unique. Styles of treatment may vary, but the intention to restore fluid continuity, balance and freedom of motion remain universal.

Patients lie on a treatment table, face up. By holding the patient, I support and allow the body to unwind, engaging the inherent rhythmic fluid movement in the tissues; to find restrictions and help the body move towards freedom. The body is constantly doing this on its own.... I am merely augmenting its natural process. It is more of a participatory relationship in which I am constantly learning what the patient needs to establish health. It is the physician's duty to listen and learn; to support and allow, so that an optimal state of health can be realized.

I feel for restriction and for health. I respect the inherent wisdom of the patient’s body. I may lean into an area to hasten the process...but still the forces are very small and subtle. The transformative process occurs through listening.

At each visit, I treat the whole person. To treat only the area of complaint, would be a mistake. To be effective I need to find where the “problem” actually lies. The symptoms may be in one location, but the “cause” often lies in another. It is for this reason that Osteopaths describe ourselves as “holistic.”

The hands-on portion of treatment lasts from 25 to 40 minutes, but the body continues to treat long after one leaves the office.

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