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33 Photos of the Dangers of Posing Strap Wrestling -

7 Ways to Resist This Week -

BREAKING: Trump Sticking With Trans Military Ban -
Trump NRA

The president released a memo to that effect Friday evening, but the ban is still blocked by courts.

Is It Still Okay to Go to Coachella? -

A donation from the festival's owner to Elton John's AIDS charity follows years of funding for anti-LGBT groups.

The Austin Bomber's Alleged Antigay History -
Mark Conditt

A blogger with the same name and hometown as the Austin bomber wrote that being gay is "unnatural" in posts from 2012. 

‘We All Should Be Mirandas’ And Elect Them, Too -

A t-shirt reminds us that Cynthia Nixon played a character worthy of her real-life ambitions. 

Lawyers Won't Say Who Trump 'Consulted' on Trans Military Ban -
Donald Trump

A judge ordered the Justice Department to provide the names Thursday, but it refuses to do so.

Sex With HPV: What You Need to KNow -

The ramifications of an HPV diagnosis and what it means for your sex life.

Same-Sex Couples Face Unique Sexual Problems -
Not In the Mood?

Not in the mood?

62 Photos of L.A. Leather Pride Kicking Off -

The Case for More Trans Toys -

This trans woman tries to find her identity in her favorite action figures but only finds disappointment.

Why Are So Many Gay Millennials Alone? -
Digital Dating

Technology makes hooking up easier but intimacy harder. Photographer Leo Chang explores connections outside the social media gloss.

A Short Class on Clits -

Your clitoris is much more than a “little penis.” It’s a divine source of pleasure, if you allow it to be.

Cynthia Nixon Is at Least as 'Qualified' as Most of These Celebs Who've Run -
celebs who were elected to office.

The Emmy- and Tony-winner was dubbed an "unqualified lesbian," but she's at least as experienced as these celebs who've run before her. 

Anal Examinations for Suspected Gays Banned by Kenyan Court -
Kenyan Appeals Court Rules Against Forced Anal Exams for Homosexuality

An earlier decision upholding the practice was unconstitutional and a violation of human rights, the court ruled.

Judge Demands Trump Provide Names of Those Who Advised Trans Military Ban -

A federal judge's order has the potential to further embarrass the administration.

Catholic Bishops Endorse 'License to Discriminate' Legislation -
Archbishop Joseph Kurtz

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops expressed support for the First Amendment Defense Act, which would allow discrimination against LGBT people and more.

Syphilis Makes a Comeback -

The STI is making a comeback — and we can blame dating apps, condomless sex, and budget cuts.

Mike Pence’s Daughter Explains Why She Bought John Oliver's Gay Bunny Book -
Marlon Bundo

Although it's sold out, Charlotte Pence snagged a copy that reimagines her pet rabbit as a gay marriage equality crusader. 

When Doctors' 'Morality' Leads to Dead LGBT People -

Trump is trying to give anyone working in health care a free pass to discriminate against patients. Think they won't? Ever heard of Ben Carson?

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