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56 Photos of Men Who Sculpt Muscle -

Austria Rejects Gay Afghan for Asylum on Grounds He Isn't Gay Enough -
Asylum seeker

An Austrian immigration official doesn't seem to realize that not all gay people are alike.

Wingnut Bill Donohue Blames Gays for Catholic Church Abuse Scandal -
Bill Donohue

Naturally, Donohue ignores science in casting gays as predators.

7 Ways to Resist This Week -

Russian Town Revokes Permission for Pride Parade -
Russia Pride

The Novoulyanovsk city manager withdrew the permit, citing a desire to protect children from "propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations."

Scarlett Johansson Is Just Fine Financially Despite Trans Controversy -
Scarlett Johansson

Forbes found that Johansson, who recently sparked controversy for taking on the role of a trans man and then dropped out, is the highest-paid actress in Hollywood. 

Russian Teen Arrested for 'Gay Propaganda' for Photo of Men Hugging -

Saving a photo on a social media site was enough to provoke the wrath of those who enforce Russia's antigay laws.

Project Contrast Throws a Lifeline to LGBTQ+ Youth -
Maxwell Poth

Created by Maxwell Poth, Project Contrast aims to raise awareness of the astoundingly high suicide rate of LGBTQ+ youth in America. 

'Night Comes On' Centers a Black Queer Woman -
Night Comes On Centers Black Queer Woman

The Sundance award-winning film offers a quiet hero we need. 

'A Study of Diego': A Sexy Limited-Edition Photo Book -

It Does Matter Whether Trump Said the 'N' Word -
It Does Matter Whether Trump Said the 'n' Word

If Republicans stand by Trump after a tape emerges of him saying that slur, it will confirm the GOP is the party of racism.

Fox News Is Like Racist Herpes -
Fox News Is Like Racist Herpes

We might not be able to kill this evil presence, writes Amanda Kerri.

The Importance of Being a Crazy Rich Gay Asian -
Nico Santos

Actor Nico Santos discusses the queer representation he brings to the already-historic cast of Crazy Rich Asians.

Gay Right-Winger Says Christine Hallquist Has 'Transgender Privilege' -
A side profile of Christine Hallquist, who stands to the left. She is wearing glasses.

Gay journalist Chadwick Moore contended the Vermont gubernatorial candidate is known only for being trans, which is hardly the case. 

Utah Library Stirs Controversy by Ending LGBTQ Book Promotions -
LGBTQ Reads button

Library workers in Washington County were told not to wear buttons promoting LGBTQ books and to take down Pride Month displays.

Two New Missouri Schools Have All Gender-Neutral Restrooms -
Gender-neutral restroom

North Kansas City school district officials say the gender-neutral design enhances privacy and security.

Poll: Germans More Tolerant of LGBTQ People Than Muslims -
Germans More Tolerant of LGBTQ People Than They Are to Muslims

Germans are comfortable with gays — and even of insurance companies covering medical transitions — but not as fond of Muslims in their neighborhood, says a new survey.

50 Poolside Pics of the Vegas Strip's Only LGBTQ Pool Party -

Taylor Swift Commemorates Sexual Assault Trial with Inspiring Speech -

After triumphing in a sexual assault case that won her $1 and the cover of Time, Swift rang in the one-year anniversary with an empowering speech.

LGBTQ Community Mourns Passing of Ally Aretha -
The LGBTQ Community Mourns Aretha Franklin's Passing

She lifted us all up with her voice and friendship.

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