Gay News

Kenya's First Pride Is Greeted With Death Threats -

Joy quickly turned to fear at the Kakuma Refugee Camp.

106 Photos of the Pride Superheroes of Out Hudson -

Cynthia Nixon Announces Her Oldest Child Is Transgender -

The actress and New York gubernatorial candidate stated how proud she is of her son, Samuel Joseph Mozes.

Deeply Held Moral Conviction Gets Sarah Huckabee Sanders Booted From Restaurant -

The public is responding to the Trump administration with an increasing level of disgust.

83 Photos of Pride Making a Splash In Key West -

7 Ways to Pride This Week -

Are You With RuPaul or Asia O'Hara? -
Rupaul and Asia O'Hara

The drag performers' responses to the Vixen's departure on the Drag Race reunion represent opposing worldviews.

Gay Men Say They Were Attacked in Bay Area, But Some Question Validity of Claims -
Scott Long and Tim Tait

Activist Scott Long and drag performer Tim Tait report they were beaten in separate incidents.

Parents Start Petitions to Prohibit Trans Athletes from Competing -

The track and field victories of Terry Miller and Andraya Yearwood inspired an ugly response.

Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness Is Ready for Pride, Honey -
Jonathan Van Ness Says, "Love Wins, Honey!"

The star of Queer Eye on his first Pride parade, his favorite cocktail, and his obsession with Michelle Kwan. 

Coming Out Helped Adam Rippon Pose Nude -
adam rippon

The figure skater explains how leaving the closet gave him the courage to pose naked for ESPN's Body Issue.

'Billy Elliot' Canceled in Hungary After Media Claims It Turns Boys Gay -
Billy Elliot

A story on a conservative website called the musical about a male ballet dancer "rampant gay propaganda." 

77 Photos of the Fabulous Invasion of the Pines on Fire Island -

Maryland's Out Candidate for Governor Ready for Battle With 'Unhinged' Trump -
Rich Madaleno

Rich Madaleno, who kissed his husband in a campaign ad and said, "Take that, Trump," wants to lead the resistance at the state level.

110 Photos of Rhode Island Pride Rooted In Tradition -

'LGBTQ&A' Podcast: Kate Bornstein on the Future of Gender -
Kate Bornstein

The nonbinary icon discusses her asexual identity on the LGBTQ&A podcast.

22 Photos of Philadelphia Pride's 30th Anniversary -

Ask Adam: How Do I Have Better Sex With My Boyfriend? -
Ask Adam

The first step is admitting you're not entirely satisfied, writes our love and sex columnist. 

Channel Your Despair — Register Young People to Vote -
Pride and Latinx Voter Engagement

It's hard to see life beyond the daily onslaught of horrible news. Monica Trasandes of GLAAD knows how you can lift your spirit.

World to Hillary: Go Away! Come Back! Leave! Wait! -
World to Hillary: Go Away! Come Back! Leave! Wait!

While some Democrats tell her to shut up and Republicans use her to rile up their base, she's busy cleaning up Trump's messes.

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