Paul Angelo

Paul Angelo

Paul Angelo is a premium, high-end health and relationship coach for gay men over 40. His background is in healthcare administration, (MHA) and business (MBA) and has worked in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years. His emphasis on strategy gives him an unprecedented strength in getting anyone countless number of dates and a blueprint for a successful long term relationship.

Visit Paul's website if you need the following:

  • You are tired of being single.
  • You want to get married (gay marriage) and are currently single.
  • If you want to date more and start a relationship quickly.
  • You want to get in top shape of your life.
  • You want to run a marathon or participate in an event.

Gay relationships and gay dating require a strategy that is different from the main stream approach that most therapists teach.  Understanding a man's nature and being able to motivate you to act is key to your success.

Call Paul today and schedule a consultation.

Paul also offers 12 week on line health coaching called "Your Top Body" and a relationship coaching called "Get Ready For Gay Marriage".

Thank you.

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 The Best Gay Relationship Coach Ever, 12-26-2010 09:19PM

By: Michael

Paul Angelo gets it more than all the other therapists combined. He knows the big picture and that is not always evident if you forget about the "inner" game of love and relationships.

Paul taught me tricks and techniques to help me find my values, my identity, my goals and my vision for my future. Then we cleaned out the mental mess that made me pay attention only to certain attributes. As a result I am now attracted to guys I previously was eliminating because of my gay-conditioning.

This week I have 3 dates on Friday and 1 date on Saturday. I am barely keeping track and 2 guys look totally relationship minded and I cant wait to get one of them to move in with me and fall in love.

As Paul Angelo himself states: relationships are not difficult. But you just need to have the right mindset and strategy to get them.

Hire Paul immediately!

 Excellent health and relationship coach - got a boyfriend within 30 days., 11-22-2010 12:05PM

By: Frank

You will not believe this but I got a boyfriend within 30 days of seeing this guy. This guy is amazing - he will twist your brain inside out and teach you stuff you will never learn from anyone else, including psychologists, psychotherapists and coaches.

His background in business and technology has some advantages in terms of looking at relationships as a continuum of steps that when broken down into step by step instructions a child can succeed.

So, treat yourself to a relationships by working with Paul Angelo!

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