Seed Art Bank

Seed Art Bank

Seed Art firmly believes in assisting surrogates through the entire process. Our primary goal of all this assistance is to provide surrogates and intended parents with the accurate experience they are looking for and the people with which to achieve that goal. Once your application is cleared for applying for becoming the surrogate mother Seed Art will contact you to set up your appointment for screening in New Delhi, India. Our medical process is comprised of three major phases: screening, embryo implantations and maternity/delivery. Our screening process includes an extensive application, psychological tests and evaluations, a medical examination by an In Vitro Fertilization specialist, infectious disease screening and a criminal background check.

Egg Donor in India

Seed Art takes pride of having a wide range of women involved in our egg donation program. For Seed Art, ouregg donors in India are creative, intelligent and compelling along with being ethnically diverse. In our Egg Donation Process, once the admissions process is complete, your profile will be placed on the Seed Art site for intended parents to browse through.

The step by step process

Once you have been matched with a surrogate mother, you will begin consultation from the embryologists of Seed Art. Then you will begin the legal process and, if you are using an egg donor, you can finish up any screening that has not been completed for her. After you have completed the legal portion of the process, the surrogate and intended mother/donor are medically prepared for the procedure and a pregnancy is attempted several weeks later. Pregnancy results come back 10 to 12 days later.


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