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Seven Even Clothing

We are a lesbian owned and operated clothing company catering not only to the lesbian community, but to everyone who supports equality. What is the meaning behind Seven Even? Seven represents "lesbian" and Even represents "equality." To put a spin on it, there's also seven letters in the word rainbow and seven colors in a rainbow! Seven means so many things to people and now the number has meaning to the LGBT community.

Seven Even Clothing was created in 2008 but the use of the name, Seven, originated back in 1998. It all started with a friend who always called me a "Seven," given that there are seven letters in the word lesbian. We thought that we should put this nickname to good use! It's time that the term "lesbian" had an upgrade.

We have taken a different approach with Seven Even Clothing. With every design, our shirts have an individual meaning. We wanted to create clothing for Sevens that offered more than the garden-variety rainbow t-shirts. In a world of conformity, Seven Even Clothing is here to save you! Our goal is a simple one: to provide you with clothes that represent exactly who you are.

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 Awesome Company!, 01-24-2011 02:24PM

By: Jessica

Seven Even Clothing is an awesome company! Their clothing selection is great for all. Whether your looking for a shirt for Pride or just wanting to wear something that states who you are (A Seven) without displaying it to the world-this is the company for you! Thank you Seven Even Clothing!

A proud 7!

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