Sweet Dreams Bamboo and our products:
At Sweet Dreams Bamboo we have been producing and selling Bamboo fiber products for over 11 years. We firmly believe that once you try our bamboo fiber bed sheets you will be convinced of the superiority of our products and you'll experience a more comfortable sleep than ever before. We've got bedding items like Bamboo Bed Sheets, Bamboo Duvet Covers, and Bamboo Pillow Cases for your home. In beautiful earthen colors, these are easy to combine for a total bedding design.

Bamboo fiber sheets are extremely soft, cotton or poly cotton sheets are rough in comparison. The majority of our customers find that these sheets are cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather thus producing a more comfortable temperature controlled sleep. Our sheets are of the finest quality made from 100% rayon of bamboo. All the yarn we use in our production is OEKO-TEX 100 approved and has been approved every year for the last 5 years.

The producers of our yarn use low impact chemicals and a closed loop system which does not allow any of the chemicals used in production to leave the factory. All the chemicals used in production and dying of our yarn are recycled.

Outstanding Bamboo Properties:
Since bamboo is such a porous yarn, it has the ability, to absorb dye faster giving us greater depth of color as well as more vibrant colors, while using fewer chemicals, Bamboo is heavier than cotton and it drapes better than any fabrics we know of. It is buttery soft like cashmere, with a beautiful luster.

Bamboo is one of the most sustainable of all natural fibers. When bamboo is harvested none of the plant roots are disturbed. Bamboo is cut like grass and it regenerates itself extremely fast. Bamboo being self-regenerating is grown without the use of herbicides or pesticides. There are no traces of these chemicals present in our bamboo fabrics

Bamboo vs. Cotton:
Compared to cotton cultivation, Bamboo is an earth angel! According to AMCAN (Amcan Charter Imports, Ltd), 10% of the world’s pesticides with 7 out of the 15 chemicals used to grow cotton are among the most toxic chemicals on earth. Approximately 1/3 of a pound of chemical fertilizers are used to produce every pound of cotton. This takes an enormous toll on the earth’s air quality, not to mention how this impacts the health of people living in cotton growing regions. Bamboo has natural occurring antimicrobial properties. Because bamboo fiber has micro gaps and micro holes this allows bamboo fabric to be ultra-breathable.

Bamboo fabric absorbs more moisture than cotton, naturally wicking moisture to the surface of the fabric to evaporate away. Most other fabrics have to be chemically treated to wick properly. Bamboo fabric also provides natural UV protection blocking 94% of UVA rays and 97% UVB rays. To sum this all up, at SDB we are sure that you will find our bamboo fiber sheets to be the most comfortable, and offer you the most healthy sleep you have ever had.


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