The Magic of Lawrence Lemon

The Magic of Lawrence Lemon

Over 36 years in the business, Lawrence Lemon, sponsored by the most prestigious entertainment companies in the world, has been performing in libraries and schools, aboard luxury yachts, in the finest hotels and convention centers, and in private homes across America, Europe, and around the globe. Lemon has squeezed a bit of his magic into such exotic locals as: Africa, Paris, Peru, New York, Malibu, Miami, and San Francisco. He's performed for Luminaries and Corporations such as: Danaher Corp, Merrill-Lynch, The City of Malibu Ca., Miami Heat Basketball, Macy's, Williams Island, Xerox, DeBartolo Corp., Time Warner, McDonalds, Fisher Island, Discovery Cruise, U.S. Cruise Lines, for the Mayor of San Francisco, and at the home of George Shultz (former Secretary of State), Gloria Estefan, The Bee Gee's, Donald Trump, and the list goes on.

Lemon, allied with New York's Big Apple Circus and their Clown Care Program, dispensed his particular brand of magical medicine for sick children in hospitals. He’s even been the star of a Television Show called, ‘It's A Magical World’.

Lemon offers a wide variety of tastefully performed magic (really good stuff!), and is also an extraordinary Psychic (he's an actual trance medium), and a Mentalist as well. He can give you a psychic reading or simply guess your Grandmother’s maiden name.

Lemon shows up early, stays late, is professional, and is simply an astounding entertainer you can have confidence in.

A unique and gifted individual, Lemon combines true psychic ability with skillfully fun slight-of-hand magic that everyone will be talking about all night!

So pick any card, but never pick just any magician! Choose the best. Choose Lawrence Lemon.

He brings the wonder of magic through his tricky fingers right into your heart.


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