Trees for a Change - Replace Trees Destroyed

Trees for a Change - Replace Trees Destroyed

*Trees for a Change gift trees are planted in U.S. National Forests to replace trees destroyed by wildfire.

*The Forest Service has identified millions of acres of National Forest land that is in desperate need of reforestation.

*Your tree gift will grow to restore habitat and food for wildlife, provide clean air, prevent soil erosion and add beauty to our National Forests for many future generations.

*Trees are the earth's longest-living organisms. The average tree in one year is able to absorb ten pounds of pollutants from the air and convert 330 pounds of carbon dioxide into oxygen.

*Trees for a Change Tree Gifts are a wonderful and generous way to celebrate or memorialize someone special. A tree planted right now will benefit all the inhabitants of our planet for years and years to come. One Tree Gift really can change the world!


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