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Known Donor Registry

Known Donor Registry

Known Donor Registry

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A free resource advocating for freedom of choice...

The Known Donor Registry is the largest free online registry for free private sperm and egg donors. We are a free community resource and social network for researching private gamete donation, finding a donor, recipient or co-parent match, and sharing experiences with others on the same journey.

The KDR mission:

  • Provide a safe community for people interested in private donation to connect with each other and share their experiences and knowledge
  • Provide resources and education about health and legal safety free of charge
  • Advocate Artificial Insemination (AI) over "Natural Insemination" (NI, i.e. sex) *
  • Advocate for the rights of donor-conceived children and strongly discourage anonymous donation and parental secrecy **

Features of the KDR Community:

  • Rich, complete profiles for donors, recipients and co-parents looking for a match
  • Member Discussions & Blogs
  • Resource Library with educational information, links to STD testing resources, etc.
  • Marketplace for supplies, books, etc.
  • Background check service

*There is no proven medical evidence that sexual intercourse increases the chances of conception over artificial insemination. Stating NI to be more effective or approaching women who are only looking for AI for sexual contact is strictly prohibited on KDR.

**Donor-conceived people have a fundamental right to their genetic origins and are almost universally against donor anonymity or secrecy by their parents.


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