Access Natural Healing Centre

Access Natural Healing Centre

Access Natural Healing Centre provides high calibre holistic practitioners to serve you according to your needs. Our centre supports a good variety of other types of healing options. Choose from Homeopathy, Clinical Counselling, Craniosacral Therapy and Reiki. See our 'news' and 'Our People' pages for more information. You can also type in the search section of our blog for any specific health questions.

At Access Natural Healing, our deep acting remedies work toward restoring health rather than masking or suppressing symptoms. The result is a holistic experience felt by the mind, body and spirit.

Feel free to contact us with any other questions you may have. See you soon!

You’re Smart and So Is Your Body

Homeopaths recognize symptoms as an expression of how the body adapts as it is attempting to heal itself. Rather than treating one part of the body at a time, Homeopaths bring the body back into balance (homeostasis=health) and keep symptoms from returning.

Homeopathy can treat a variety of health problems because we treat the person, not the disease. Every person is different and so is their treatment.

When would you see a Homeopath? You are experiencing a major health crisis and want to explore your treatment options. You are fed up with being sick or in pain. You are overwhelmed by the growing mountain of health products and want a professional to help you prioritize. You want a comprehensive disease prevention program. You choose to have a Homeopath for your whole family's Holistic health care.

We encourage people to see a Homeopath before their health is in crisis. Minor health problems are symptoms of imbalance - a warning sign from your body that it is not functioning as well as it could. The earlier you address a health concern, the easier it is to resolve.

PLUS, in Europe, it is spelled HOMOeopathy!!!


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 Testimonial for Depression, Panic attacks and Insomnia., 07-11-2011 03:57PM

By: Elena

When I went to see Elena in 2006, I was suffering with depression, panic
attacks and was having troubles sleeping. I was missing work and knew I
had to do something different than taking the conventional medications
that weren't working for me. We met and she spent a significant amount
of time getting a good understanding of what was going on for me. After
the first remedy she chose, my anxiety disappeared and I was myself
again; very functional, happy and enthusiastic for life. Five years
later, I experienced some of the similar symptoms and went back to see
her and was significantly better the very day after taking my
Homeopathic Remedy.

Nathalie Patel, age 47
Children's Librarian

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