Dr. Dennis G. Kinnane, OMD, LAc, RPh Acupuncture

Dr. Dennis G. Kinnane, OMD, LAc, RPh Acupuncture

With over 40 years of experience in the healing arts, Dr. Kinnane combines his training as a pharmacist, an acupuncturist, an herbalist, and a practitioner of Yoga, Qi Gung and other ancient proven healing techniques and disciplines to bring his patients the very best in advice and treatments.

Areas of treatment offered:

  1. PAIN: Physical, emotional, opiate addiction
  2. Immune deficiencies
  3. Erectile dysfunction/lack of libido
  4. Kidney and Liver dysfunction due to Antiretrovirals
  5. Fatigue and low energy
  6. Sleep disorders’
  7. Smoking cessation and alcohol addiction
  8. AIDS related diseases
  9. AIDS medication side effects
  10. Cholesterol disorders
  11. Hypertension
  12. Anxiety and depression
  13. Gastrointestinal disease and “antibiotic related
  14. Bloating and gas
  15. Premenstrual Syndrome
  16. Male menopause aka “climacteric”
  17. Menopausal syndrome



Chinese medicine and acupuncture are two of the oldest, most well documented, safest and most effective healing modalities in the World. Dating back over 4000 years, Chinese medical books and herbal compendia were already documenting effective cures for disease over 2000 years before Christ was born and with further research from millions of practitioners and billions of patients over the following 4 millennia, became some of the premier medical treatments in the ancient world. “Safe and Effective” became the law which guided Chinese medicine through the Centuries. After all it would do no good to “cure the disease” but “kill or make the patient worse”! In the West, the Hippocratic Oath of medicine ends with the dictum: “Above All Else, DO NO HARM!” But sadly in our modern world, prescription pharmaceuticals are universally toxic and indeed are defined as such by the Food and Drug Administration laws here in the US. Doctors trained here have come to believe that medicine MUST be toxic to be effective but older and more experienced medical systems recognized that poisonous substances weaken and destroy living organisms.. either quickly as in acute poisoning ..or slowly through chronic intoxication.


Acupuncture is the most sophisticated approach to life and healing. There are 12 major organ systems and each has specific complimentary and regulatory functions to maintain the body. As long as those functions continue unabated and strong, health is maintained. Qi, similar to but not identical to electricity, is supplemented and created in our bodies by processing the food, water, and air we take in. Qi, like electricity, must be free to move constantly but it must also be channeled and directed properly in order to do its’ work. Qi must be controlled and sent along specific circuits or channels to do its’ complex work in our bodies. Thus if the Qi flow is interfered with (think a bad transistor) and becomes chaotic or is blocked somehow, then our bodies tell us there is something wrong with that circuit by sending an alarm to the brain we perceive as “pain”. If this blockage of Qi goes on for too long then even more serious disease can develop either along the channel or in a related or complimentary organ fed by that channel. The acupuncturist determines which channel or “circuit” is malfunctioning and which organ it is originating from and then bases a treatment plan to “unblock” this or related channels to restore the flow of Qi and thereby relieve the pain and restore function.


There are two basic classifications of disease in Chinese medicine, though oftentimes they coexist in the same patient. The first and perhaps simplest to understand disease type to is the “Excess” illness, like a cold or flu, diarrhea or infection which comes on quickly and can manifest as an all out war in the body with fever, chills, aches and pains, etc. These excess illnesses nearly everyone gets but if we are young, or energetic and healthy, eventually the body overcomes them and normal life is restored. These can also be life threatening and many people do die from them but usually they are older or weaker people and their constitution or immune system or “Qi” is deficient.

This brings us to the second broad classification of illness in Chinese medicine, the “Deficiency” illnesses. Actually the deficiency resides within the patient rather than within the illness and these too have manifestations which can include pain, chills etc, but this time the treatment must focus more on strengthening the patient rather than just killing or quelling some invading pathogen. It is in this area that Chinese medicine excels! While in the West we repeatedly administer ever more toxic antibiotics when these diseases linger in the weakened patient with no concept of strengthening them, the Chinese have herbal remedies which do strengthen the patient’s immune system and help them throw off the illness.

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