AquaNatal Birth Center

AquaNatal Birth Center

We are a licensed Midwifery and Aqua Natal Birth center.  We will create a prenatal visit schedule to meet your needs, with 2 visits per month through month seven and weekly thereafter until birth. Unless otherwise arranged, prenatal visits are held at AquaNatal Birth Center. Joyce Thomas, Certified Professional Midwife, licensed by the California Medical Board, and student midwives will spend from half-hour to an hour with you at each visit. Care provided during visits includes measurements of pulse, blood pressure, fetal heart rate, urine, uterine growth, fetal position, physical changes, complaints, medical and obstetrical history. Nutrition and family counseling, well woman exams, gyn exams, cultures or hemoglobin checks for anemia.

We provide the privacy and non intrusive care for open adoptive parents and or surrogates.

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 insurance fraud/possible malpractice, 01-18-2012 10:52PM

By: Leslie Little

I had great prenatal and postnatal care at AquaNatal, thanks to student midwife Lynn (who is no longer with AquaNatal). However, my labor was badly mismanaged - Joyce had me pushing for a total of 8 hours (once for 2 hours and then later for 6 hours) without being fully dilated. I ended up transferring to the hospital due to exhaustion.

My husband and I had to take AquaNatal to small claims court because they received a $5300 reimbursement from our insurance company and only gave us a partial refund of $2300. We won our case because no one from AquaNatal bothered to show up to court. There are other families who AquaNatal has stolen money from as well. Please see AquaNatal's Yelp page and please choose another birth center and midwife for your pregnancy and birth. Joyce Thomas is not a good or honest midwife.

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