Byron Russell Acupuncture Center

Byron Russell Acupuncture Center

Oriental medicine has existed as a health care profession for thousands of years with an emphasis on enhancing health and vitality while reducing the unpleasant symptoms of disease.

In our office we focus on helping patients to achieve their health and life goals – first, by providing the information needed to make an informed choice about a treatment plan. We look at medical history, recommendations from physicians and chiropractors, Chinese medicine diagnosis, drug and supplements options, Chinese herbs, acupuncture, laboratory diagnostic testing, massage, exercise, diet, and lifestyle choices. Then we ask the patient what his or her goals are. For some this may be a reduction in chronic pain, enhanced fertility, or the energy to make it through a workweek. For others, it could be taking 5 minutes off of their marathon time. In any case, we look at reducing discomfort (the obstacle to feeling healthy) and then enhancing vital energy. The most important question for the patient at every treatment is: what do you want to accomplish through this treatment? Our goal is a state of optimal vitality, but it is up to each patient to determine what that means to him or her at this time.

Treatment options include traditional needle therapy (Japanese technique, pain-free), cupping, moxa, pressure point massage, along with supplement and diet consultation, and herbal therapy. We strive to make the session deeply relaxing and comfortable for all patients.

As well as acupuncture, I also teach martial arts and qi gong meditation.


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