Drs. Kees Kaldenbach, Masseur

Drs. Kees Kaldenbach, Masseur

In Amsterdam I am available to provide massage for Gay, Lesbian, Transgender clients.

For Lesbians: over the years many lesbian woman have chosen me and have experienced a wonderful quality of touch and an open and fun human being to be with.

For Gay men: a very good full body but non-erotic Man to Man session is available in my Amsterdam practice - or in your hotel room. A 'happy end' is not part of the session with me - just to make things clear. You will get a high quality massage touch, a massage with a +. Massage for men, warriors, kings, magicians, lovers.

For Transgender: some of my friends are transgender. Good rapport.

General: I will perform a blissful whole body massage in a long session which will relax your muscle system. It may also add energy and create feeling of wholeness of life for your body. I enjoy touching male bodies and working with various male energies.

I believe that touch is a great gift between human beings. Massage works by means of the quiet, healing power of human touch. Touch forms the most direct contact without words between one person and the next - and it influences the wellbeing not only of the skin itself, but of the entire person. Massage has miraculous healing powers.

The one who receives massage and the one who gives massage are not just concerned with a small part of the anatomy, just an arm or a leg or a back, but they bring with them their totality as a human being. During the massage, both the one who gives and the one who receives, stand at the outer limit of the skin - the most sensitive and largest human organ - and thus at the outer limit of the physical self. At its very best, the massage session forms a platform of bliss in a world sometimes full of stress and pressure. Massage is living in quality time. The release of energies and endorphins will make you feel good for a long time. Come discover this for yourself.

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Specialization(s): Holistic Massage, Tantra and Bodywork

Rates: Please call.

Directory Discount Offered: When immediately mentioning this listing, 10% off.

Clientele: Lesbian + Gay + Bi + Transgender + Straight

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