Gay Cycling Touring Group

Gay Cycling Touring Group

Cycle out of London on your bike.

One of the great recreational activities is to pack maps, passport and camera in the bar bag and a couple of changes of clothes in the panniers and to go cycling. We are a group for gay men and friends who want to keep in contact to make congenial groups with either our own cycling holidays and tours or join in with offerings of either commercial holidays or cycling organizations.

We have throughout the year a number of weekend or longer trips in locations across the Britain and Europe.

Our cycling tours range in length from a long weekend to, so far, three weeks. They can be either a moving on tour with a different bed every night to a single location base with day rides each day The aim of a tour is to enjoy cycling in different countryside or terrain to what we have locally. To enjoy the local cuisine, the social and cultural offerings and to see the sights. We are certainly not attempting to just clock up miles but we are willing to stay in the saddle to reach our desired destination. We venture to new locations and return to past places of delight all for the sake to cycle in beautiful places away from the continuous traffic of London and in the company of like minded friends.

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